Driver 390.42 installation failed - Unable to load the 'nvidia-drm'

You have a 1050Ti in your notebook, I guess for a purpose?
Furthermore, the external display connectors are likely wired to the nvidia gpu, so without a driver you won’t have access to those.
Since you’re using debian, you would have to configure PRIME manually:

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I’m not sure if it worth to mention but I’m using desktop here with 2 external display connected… and it is working fine! But anyway I will take a look at the PRIME configuration that you mentioned… And just to be sure… should I stick to 440 version drive (which would be needed to install manually) or follow the NVIDIA-detect suggestion? and Thanks for the quick reply.

Rather use the 440 driver, better support for notebooks, better Vulkan support.

I’m facing the same issue here and just can’t find a solution. I have been trying for about a week or so, and nothing seems to work.
Here is my nvidia-bug-report log.nvidia-bug-report.log (614.5 KB)