Driver 470.86 regression

Hi all,

I am using Pop! OS 21.04 on my Acer Predator G9-793 notebook (GTX 1070 8GB card). Pop! OS runs great and i managed to get the nvidia driver installed on my laptop (the drivers from the nvidia site). I started to use the nvidia drivers because i want to run the latest driver available (just like i had in windows) without waiting for a distro to add it to their repo. I started with 470.63 to the latest one from 2 days ago 470.86. The last one causes a annoying bug that happend after installation. When i rebooted my machine and i got to the login screen i entered my password. After that my screen got black and i could not do anything, i tried ctrl + alt + f1 to get back to the login screen and that did not work. Alt + F2 and try to reload GNome did not work. I did a force shutdown and rebooted my machine again and it worked. I did not pay much attention to it till i booted up my laptop again today and got the same issue. I am 99,9% sure it’s a bug in the 470.86 driver because i did not have this issue with 495.44 driver or any others drivers before that. I rolled back to the 495.44 driver and the black screen issue after login is gone.

Fix it please!

It would be great if a nvidia developer would resond on this matter.

495.44 driver is working without issues