Driver 470 very unstable - crashes when visiting the enlightment website

After updating the Driver to Version 470 on Linux 5.4. , my GTX 1050 Ti became very unstable. lots of screen tearing, complete back screen for 1 second every 10 seconds and complete crashes after a few minutes. Behavior got better when I reduced the frame rate from “auto” to 30 Hz. However there still is some screen trearing, and there are still some crashes. Usually when changing firefox tabs, seemingly random. However, visiting the enlightment homepage ( with firefox, i get reliably a black screen and the monitor looses it’s signal. X11 can be restarted, however.

It seems to be way worse with KDE than with LXQt with xfwm4, but both use composite mode.

I will attach a crashlog sortly after posting this.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (342.1 KB)

Also there is heavy tearing and flahsing pixels in the console. (can’t figure out the mode of that right now)