Driver 526.47 Compatibility Issues with Omniverse Apps

Hello Friends! We are aware of a driver compatibility issues with version 526.47 wqhl that is causing Omniverse Apps to crash.

If you are experiencing this, you will need to roll back to an older driver version. To download an older driver version, you can go here: Official Advanced Driver Search | NVIDIA, input your card’s information, make sure you set the Recommended/Beta section to “Recommended/Certified”, then hit search.

We apologize for this inconvenience and our team is hard at work on a fix!

For the 40 series cards, please use these selections:
Windows Driver Type: DCH
Recommended/Beta: Studio Driver

Hi, I am experiencing apps crash on launching (Code, Create) using a windows server 2019 machine (on amazon aws). The driver version is 527.41, GPU is Tesla T4.
Can this be related to the driver issue you mentioned in your post? Can rolling the version back help?