Driver and Devicetree for DS90UB954/DS90UB953 Serializer and Deserializer for Jetson Nano


I have a hardware setup, where camera is connected to Jetson Nano using Serializer & Deserializer(i.e DS90UB954/DS90UB953) & I2C Multiplexer, where Jetson Nano SOM is mounted on AntMicro’s baseboard (Antmicro · Open Source Jetson Baseboard).

I’m using JetPack 4.6 and kernel sources from Jetson Linux R32.6.1 Release Page | NVIDIA Developer
When I did a quick search in the sources I was unable to find devicetree samples with DS90UB954 and also was unable to find driver source for DS90UB954 .
Could you please point me to the right direction where I can get the drivers and devicetree for DS90UB954/DS90UB953 and make my camera work.

I’ve already tested my camera, by directly connecting camera to Jetson Nano SOM via I2C multiplexer on AntMicro’s nano baseboard and I’m able to get camera frames.
But now I’m unable to proceed with DS90UB954/DS90UB953 serializer/deserializer setup.

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you.

There’s no this device driver due to we don’t have this reference design.
Have a check the document to implement the driver by yourself.

Thank you @ShaneCCC for quick reply.

I did go through the document and it looks like document is only focused on camera driver development.
As I’ve mentioned in my last post, I’m able to fetch camera frames without serdes hardware, so I feel camera driver which I’ve developed seems to be working fine.

My only objective is to initialize I2C commands for serdes hardware from Jetson Nano. Is it possible to perform these multiple I2C writes from devicetree itself?

You can reference to the reference sensor IMX390 that connect to GMSL then NVCSI.

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