Driver bug in Quadro M1200 and K1100M

I seem to have discovered a bug in the driver version 390.77 for the Quadro K1100M.
I thought this bug was just for the K1100M but I have found the bug for M1200 also.

R390 U2 (390.77) BAD
R375 U11 (377.83) OK
R390 U1 (390.65) BAD
R384 U7 (386.07) OK

The issue is that the viewport is not properly clipping the vertices for a line.

I have managed to reproduce the issue on a minimal example with a fork of Sascha Willems’ triangle example.

It’s a simple example, where a line is drawn from x = -1000 to a x = 1000, with a viewport covering half of the screen width. The mvp matrix is the identity matrix so values are the same as NDC space.

Please see the repo below, the triangle project.

See the attachments.

Its looks like multiple people are experience this bug.