Driver Bug - Visible in Debian/SID


recently applications like Xephyr, gnome-terminal and remmina stopped working for me. Their bts look a lot alike and the symptoms are the same: the programs are caught in a deadlock. Xorg devs tell me I am on my own, because they have no way to debug. I have found another person on who is suffering from the same problem. I’ll attach a bt, strace, my system’s configuration and the autogenerated file. Please let me know if you need further information.


PS: I hope it is possible to attach the logs after the topic is created:)

gnome-terminal-strace.log (46.8 KB)
gnome-terminal.log (20 KB)
nvidia-bug-report.log (756 KB)
system-info.log (77.4 KB)

I forgot to say that the bug disappears as soon as i switch away from the nvidia One wild guess is that some kind of selinux check is done, and the nvidia driver is not in sync with Debian’s selinux version. While it might be possible i have not poked long enough to use the stable
libselinux1 in order to confirm my suspicion.

I just ran into this problem when upgrading from Fedora Core 18 to FC19. Both use the 304.116 driver (since I’m running a GeForce 6800 GT). Xephyr and gnome-terminal are hanging for me too. Upgrading kmod-nvidia and xorg-x11-drv-nvidia to use the 304.117 driver didn’t help.

The end of my strace (i.e. a hang in futex()) looks like the one already posted in gnome-terminal-strace.log . has a little more information on the problem.