Driver / Camera driver porting guide, are we close to getting one ?

Are we getting closer to get a guide for driver porting ?

The documentation available now is either missing totally new information on this, or in cases where there are info, parts of it is missing, i know we are still on “Early access” :)

My findings, and please correct me if i am wrong:

host1x {vi@15700000
Is now on Xavier:
host1x {vi@15c10000

Is now:

port-index = ; seems to be needed now, does that mean csi-port = is being depreciated ?

is changed to:

There are probably a lot more changes, getting there slowly, but would be so nice with a guide.

If some of the Admin’s in here or other Dev’s have some more info, i would really love it…

I know the imx274 driver is working, but it is a lot of work tracing it all backwards and i am not using the plugin_manager…

hello Spawn32,

there’s driver’s probe() function update, and device tree changes.
release 31 now supports both the I2C and SPI buses, as well as the CPHY and DPHY interfaces.
to avoid confusion, below changes must be made in the release 31 sensor driver device tree files.

  • Rename csi-port to port-index for VI and CSI endpoints.
  • Add a new phy_mode property to each sensor mode. The value can be DPHY or CPHY, depending on the sensor type.

First of, thanks JerryChange.

Second, well i’l be da… i have vision on my Xavier :D

4 of 6 cams report their i2c address, and 4 loads the driver, but
only 1 can be used: “video0”.

If i try to use any of the other 3 (video2,3 and 4) they just give me a capture windows containing what
seems to be a capture of mys Xavier desktop ?

If i try to use 2,3 or 4, video0 will also stop working and give me the “screen capture” of my desktop until i do a reboot …

mutex seems to be new and needed ?

hello Spawn32,

may I have more details about your environment setups.
for example,

  1. what’s the camera device you had connected to Xavier.
  2. are these drivers probed successfully, were these sysnode generated correctly?
  3. is this a regression? was your driver worked with previous JetPack release on TX2?

Hi Spawn32,

Could we have the update from you?
Or this is no any issue any more?