Driver downloading problem

1st - I don’t know where to ask this question. If I wrong, please move this question.

I’m trying to download a new driver pack for my GTX 660.

  1. - its OK
  2. I choose GeForce -> GeForce 600 Series -> GeForce GTX 660 -> Windows 8 64-bit -> Русский (Russian).
  3. Press “Поиск” (“Search”) but nothing happened.

When I mouse hover on that button, there is a sign “Javascript: GetDriver()”

Javascript is allowed (I was able to register here).

Is it a problem with the site or something else?
I could not find no-JS version of site and I could not find contacts to send error report to web developers…

Might be an issue with your browser… or it’s already fixed: Here’s the link you want:

I use Firefox 28. Internet explorer opens this page normal.
The same error is here:

The problem was solved.
You need to change initial URL from .ru to .com