Driver for Arducam IMX477 camera module for Jetson Nano 2gb


I have been trying to get the Arducam IMX477 camera module to run at 1080p@240fps on the Jetson Nano by using a carrier board from leopard imaging ( to be able to use the 4 lane MIPI on the board.

My question is where can I find a driver that is able to use the full resolution of the camera. There is the V4L2 driver but it is not capable of the full resolution of the camera (1080p@240fps). I contacted Arducam but it doesn’t seem like they have one so I was wondering if there was somewhere else I could get a driver for it. Also do I need the jetson nano to be capable of encoding 1080p 240fps or does it just need to be able to decode 1080p 240fps in order to film. Thank you so much in advance.

hello user70810,

did you mean the sensor is able to reach 1080p@240fps but you cannot obtain the video with such high fps?
please also share the format dumps for reference. i.e. $ v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 --list-formats-ext

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