Driver for get image via Xilinx board

I’m trying to develop a driver to get image via MIPI CSI-2. The image translates by a Xilinx board, and there is no any I2C interoperate. Image width 1920, height 1080, format RAW 8, pixel clock is 50 000 000 hz.
My driver based on IMX219 driver. The text of driver is in the hello_printk.c
hello_printk.c (28.6 KB)
I load it viasudo insmod ./hello_printk.ko. I try to execute$ v4l2-ctl --stream-mmap, but get nothing. In dmesg output there are lines

[ 507.791721] video4linux video0: frame start syncpt timeout!0
[ 507.797999] video4linux video0: TEGRA_VI_CSI_ERROR_STATUS 0x00000000
[ 507.798020] vi TEGRA_CSI_PIXEL_PARSER_STATUS 0x00000000
[ 507.798033] vi TEGRA_CSI_CIL_STATUS 0x00000010
[ 507.798046] vi TEGRA_CSI_CILX_STATUS 0x00040041
[ 507.798171] vi cil_settingtime was autocalculated
[ 507.798186] vi csi clock settle time: 13, cil settle time: 10

Any suggestions are welcome.

hello charlz_klug,

that failure shows there’s no start-of-frame on the CSI channel.
can you confirm from hardware side (i.e. by probing the signal) to check there’s high speed signaling sending out? please also check you’ve seen SoF and EoF from oscilloscope.

Hello, JerryChang! Thank you very much! I will try to chek it.

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