[driver] frame start syncpt timeout

hello everybody:

Our TX1 capture TC358840 video Signal, when the plug->unplug->plug the HDMI signal line, will continue to print “frame start syncpt timeout”, can not return to normal.

Only restart video capture process to restore normal.

In vi2_fops.c in the kernel, tegra_channel_ec_recover(Chan) is invoked after a timeout error, why does the video capture not return to normal?

Please take a look at it for me.thank you.

You may need have the APP to catch the interrupt of the TC358840 to stop capture if HDMI is unplug.

Thank you for your reply.
Can I read the timeout state of VI through the V4L2 interface?

Not implement this but you can implement it by yourself.


I have a few questions about implement v4l2 control.

1, if I want to control the VI2 device, I need to open which device file, is/dev/videoX,/dev/nvhost-vi, or other device files

2, I want to test the APP passes a parameter to VI via ‘ioctl’, such as ‘V4L2_CID_VI_BYPASS_MODE’ in channel.c, when I make headers_install for the kernel, the header file of the command(camera_common.h) is not copied. Is this command only used within the kernel and cannot be supplied to the APP ?

  1. it could be /dev/media0 or /dev/v4l2-subdevx
  2. For the bypass_mode you can reference to the v4l2-ctl source code to know how to set it. (v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl bypass_mode=0)