Driver in cuda toolkit is incorrect for my GPU

Hello! Cannot get CUDA GPU accelerator to work on my Dell machine. GPU is RVS 5200M 2.1 capacity. Driver offered in latest toolkit is 526 but mine needs 396. How do I find a toolkit containing the correct driver along with all the .dll files to make it work.

The last Cuda Toolkit to support CC 2.1, is version 8.0.

Thanks You!
I may try to install it if I can find all the extra needed files and an installation guide!
If you have that info i would appreciate any help

Do I still need all those .dll files loaded into toolkit like version 12.3?

Old toolkits are here and Installation Guide.

I’m not sure what you mean here. I’m only familiar with Linux, but I’m not aware of any extra files needed for Windows.

According to guidelines I saw on line, needed to add tensorflow files, DLL files to lib and include in the toolkit while using windows 10. I may have misunderstood the directions.

That may well be the case. The installation guide is just for the Cuda toolkit.

Ok thank you!!

you won’t have any luck attempting to use Tensorflow with a cc 2.1 GPU.

Thank You for the help! I am already in search of a better computer, one I can try your CUDA program for using GPU.
Thanks again! After I get another computer I may still need help!!