Driver installation for Tesla on Ubuntu 16.04

I’m trying to install cuda8.0 and cuda drivers for Tesla P100&P40 on Ubuntu 16.04.
When I test cuda installation using cuda samples(as mentioned in the post-installation steps in documents), I get insufficient cuda drivers version error.
Then I realize my drvier version is 384.90, which is a driver for Geforce&Quadro graphic card.
The recommended Tesla driver for cuda 8.0 is 384.66.
But no matter which driver deb packages I use(384.66,375.88 etc.), apt-get will always install 384.90 for me instead.
Installing the cuda&cuda driver bundle will also install 384.90.
I also tried run file installation, but I get an “Unable to load the ‘nvidia-drm’ kernel module” error and fail.

Is there any way to install specific driver using Ubuntu package manager?
How to solve the “Unable to load the ‘nvidia-drm’ kernel module” error?
Will run file cuda driver installation work with cuda 8.0 deb package installation?

System: Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit
Graphic card: Aspeed
GPU Accelerators: Tesla P100 and P40
Cuda: 8.0

384.90 will work fine with CUDA 8.

Your driver install is broken. You can try cleaning things up and following the instructions carefully in the CUDA 8 linux install guide. You can also fix it by reinstalling the OS.

You should not mix runfile and package manager install methods. This is mentioned in the linux install guide.

Thank you very much for the reply.
I’ll try to clean things up, and see if we can have the OS reinstalled on the server.
So 384.90 will work with Tesla?