Driver Issue- Integrating Cameras for an Autonomous Vehicle

Hello, I am with a university underwater robotics team and we are running into an issue integrating cameras to our system.

We are using this camera

and it connects via this adapter

to this dev board carrying the Jetson Xavier NX.

Currently, all of the components listed above are connected but we are not able to see any feed from the cameras and suspect this is a driver issue. We are looking for a driver, or a modifiable template, which supports the communication between camera stream and the Jetson Xavier.
Has anyone worked with this hardware, or run into a similar situation?
We would also appreciate any guidance you may have about how we may approach this problem.

Please check with Leopard to check if they have the driver for L4T.

Could you help to check if your team have driver for this device for L4T.


@wearedesertwave @ShaneCCC
Unfortunately, we don’t have driver for Jetson Xavier NX Developer kit, but we have IMX274-MIPI driver for our own NX carrier board and can provide the source code for reference if needed.

Thank you very much for the assistance! If you were in my shoes would it be possible to modify the driver for the MX274-MIPI-M12 version based on the driver you are referencing?
If anything, I would appreciate the MX274-MIPI driver for reference. We will credit anything that we modify in our technical writing.

I am unsure what you mean by L4T, what is this referring to?

If your team have experience on Linux driver development, it should be easy for you to build this driver.
You can download the patch files from link below and apply it to L4T 32.5.0 kernel code.

The L4T 32.5.0 kernel code can be download from Nvidia website or link below.

Alternatively, we can also provide custom driver services to customer. You can contact if you would like to have a NRE project.

Thank you @SimonZhu and @ShaneCCC !