Driver issues and Windows 10


It seems programs I have written previously are unable to properly execute on Windows 10 with GeForce 1050 Ti @ driver version 397.64. The program is C++ written with the Allegro 5 library at build 5.0.10. There are zero issues running this in Windows 10 with an Intel HD Graphics 3000 (much older) video card and various other non-Nvidia cards on Windows 10. Likewise, outside of the Windows 10 environment these issues do not exist, for instance Windows 7 with GeForce GT 545.

My game code executes without crash even with the hardware failing to render bitmaps. Program flow is Login screen> menu > enter game world. The program is very jittery and obviously is having trouble loading just a few bitmaps at login, but when the game world attempts to load an exponentially larger number of bitmaps to render the game world my video thread seems to just give up while the remaining aspects of the game are apparently there (network, sound, keyboard and mouse inputs, etc.). While doing a bit of research with Google, Allegro 5, and NVidia I have found this isn’t the first time there has been issues with NVidia + Windows 10 + Allegro 5. Typically it seems Allegro programs are fixed a bit later with driver updates for some NVidia cards. Checking with a few peers running Geforce 10xx Ti series cards and Windows 10 have yielded the same results. The only option to run the program is to disable the display adapter. This really isn’t ideal for a video card typically designed for gaming to not be able to run such a low resource intense program (about 47mb in memory). This may or may not be at the attention of NVidia development but it needs to be in the very near future. Allegro has been around for years and should continued to be supported as there are still ongoing projects in the indie development community using that library. Thanks for your attention and any help you may offer going forward.