driver issues

hi cudologues,

i’ve installed a K40c (driver 354.92) and a gtx 980 ti (driver: 368.81) on an asus x99 deluxe motherboard, using windows 10. the display (980) works fine, but device manager finds the K40, but says it won’t start (“code 10”). the gpu’s fans turn on, so the power seems to be OK. the windows support site says this is often a driver issue – is there an incompatibility of some kind? how to fix?

thanks in advance for any thoughts.


The K40c has 2 aux power connectors. One is 6 pin and one is 8 pin. Do you have any cables plugged into these? If so, what exactly is plugged in? (Do you have an 8pin power cable plugged into the 8pin connector? If not, do you have a 6pin power cable plugged into the 8pin connector? Also, do you have a 6pin power cable plugged into the 6pin connector?)

It’s also not typical to have two different drivers installed for NVIDIA GPUs. I’m not sure even what it means when you list two different driver versions. The objective here would be to use a single driver for both GPUs.

after resolving any power issues, I would reinstall a clean load of windows 10 (I assume you are using 64bit win10), and then install just the CUDA 8.0 toolkit. The driver bundled with the CUDA 8.0 toolkit should work fine with both K40c and GTX 980Ti.

If that configuration does not work, then my last guess at that point would be a BIOS configuration issue or else an incompatibility between your motherboard and that particular GPU configuration. Make sure you have the K40c plugged into a x16 slot that is designed to accept a GPU. Make sure you have the latest BIOS installed for your motherboard.

hi txbob,

thanks for the quick reply. i will check the power connectors carefully. re the driver issues, i haven’t been able to find any windows 10 drivers that nvidia says support both the K40 and the GTX 980 Ti – it’s always one or the other. the driver that came with CUDA 8 was older than both, and the same problem was apparent after installation (i.e. the K40 wouldn’t start).