Driver needs g-sync exceptions for SDDM (display manager) and xfwm4 (XFCE window manager)


To make SDDM work correctly on my G-Sync monitor, I had to add this manually in /etc/nvidia/nvidia-application-profiles-rc:

{ "pattern" : { "feature" : "procname", "matches" : "sddm-greeter" },           "profile" : "No GSYNC" },

Otherwise, the mouse cursor and keyboard input is extremely choppy. SDDM is probably one of the most widely used display managers out there.

Same goes for using the XFCE desktop environment. I had to add this:

{ "pattern" : { "feature" : "procname", "matches" : "xfwm4" },                  "profile" : "No GSYNC" },

Otherwise the desktop is virtually unusable (extreme stutter and very unresponsive UI.)

I think these entries should be added by default by NVidia.