Driver not working under CentOS 8.2

I have tried 440.100 and the 450 beta. Executing the .run file completes successfully, but nvidia-smi is reporting “RmInitAdapter failed”. I have attached the bug report.nvidia-bug-report.log.txt (924.8 KB)

I can’t get GDM to work in EL8.2 with the last few releases of the nvidia proprietary driver from the nvidia CUDA repository on my Pascal Quadro either. I have to boot to run-level 3 and start X manually, despite verifying wayland and nuevo were both (properly) blocked by nvidia’s RPM. Something is up with the last few driver releases and EL8.2, either that or some updated package in EL8.2 broke something with the proprietary drivers.

The GDM problem is probably this bug:
Does it work if you disable selinux?

Thanks; I ended up re-imaging the system with RHEL8 (was running CentOS8). GDM + nvidia proprietary driver from the stable nvidia cuda repo work now, so something must have been off with the previous configuration.

On a related note, the stable cuda repo appears to be deploying a driver listed as beta.