Driver of CAN MCP2562FD for NX and NANO

Hello Team,

I am using MCP2562FD ( High-speed CAN FD Transceiver with Standby Mode and VIO Pin) in my Custom Carrier board.But i could not find its driver

I found one driver (drivers/net/can/spi/mcp251x.c) , But it has a support for MCP25625 , but MY PART NUMBER IS MCP2562FD …

Could you please help me with the driver of MCP2562FD.

The MCP2562FD is a CAN Transceiver so wouldn’t require a driver, just need to take it out of Standy Mode which could be done by a gpio pin or just by setting the pin low. The MCP25625 is a CAN Controller with Integrated Transceiver which is configured through its SPI interface and hence requires a kernel driver.

Thanks @jas-mx for replying ,

  1. how can i do it by gpio pin .
  2. For pin low, while pin is to be given "LOW ". And do we have to continously give that pin LOW input.

Hey vinay,
You can download datasheet for MCP25625FD from google and check stand-by-mode. It has nothing related with Jetson GPIO.

You can use the jetson-gpio library.

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