Driver Package Documentation: 'Sensor Driver Programming Guide'

I want to port my camera driver to the TX2. I’m using this documentation


I recently worked through compiling the kernel and things worked out well. While running the ‘’ script I noticed that there are more repositories in the ‘Linux_for_Tegra/sources/’ directory compared to before, specifically:

|-- hardware
|-- kernel
| |-- display
| |-- kernel-4.4
| |-- nvgpu
| |-- nvgpu-t18x
| |-- nvhost
| |-- nvhost-t18x
| |-- nvmap
| |-- nvmap-t18x
| -- t18x – u-boot

I’m guessing the repositories within the ‘kernel’ directories are there to separate out functionality from the actual kernel code, is this correct? It seems as though most of this code is low-level nvidia specific stuff (besides the kernel) and I can ignore it, is this correct?

Sensor Driver Programming Guide

This page seems to be a work in progress. In particular all the dts files reference ‘tegra210’ instead of ‘tegra186’.

It describes modifying the DTS files in a similar fashion to modifying DTS files when building for the tegra210 processor. I looked inside the kernel/kernel-4.4/arch/arm64/boot/dts directory and didn’t find any reference to the 186 processor DTS files. It looks like all the DTS files are within the ‘hardware’ repository, is this where I should be modifying DTS files that will be built within the kernel?

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You are right. For the TX2 the DTS file are reorganize to the hardware folder.