Driver Profile and Geforce Experience for Digital Combat Simulator (dcs.exe)



Digital Combat Simulator

Current Situation:

  1. What must be done and who must do it, to get the profile updated from April 23, 2009 (Dx9) to the current version of Dx 11 with updated SLI profiles. Users are having to use a application called “nVidia profile inspector” to make the game run correctly. The profile in diver 436.15 is over ten years old.

  2. What must be done and who must do it, to get the game added to the Geforce Experience list of supported games?

3)If I run scan in nVidia Geforce Experience, it does not even find the game on my computer. All other games are found on all drives.

  1. In nVidia Control Panel, “Manage 3d Settings”, “Program Settings”, “Show Only Programs Found On This Computer” checked, Digital Combat Simulator is not listed. All other games are listed as found on this computer from all drives.

  2. I must uncheck “Show Only Programs Found On This Computer”, do a manual search for Digital Combat Simulator. Once found, the profile is outdated. April 23. 2009

  3. To get SLI working with Digital Combat Simulator, users have having to use an application called “nVidia profile Inspector” and edit the outdated profile as a work around. The current profile is for DX9 and the SLI Profile settings are for DX9. The game is now running DX11.

7)The game is free to download and run with two free aircraft. No purchases are necessary to test this problem.

  1. The overwhelming majority of users playing this game are using nVidia products.

Charles Monson