Driver PX2 flash tegra

Hello, we have a challenging problem.Please help us.We install the SDK packages according to the website : . The following error is found in the flash step:
1.Flash tegra A .The host PC cannot work when the code is displaye on the host screen that " timeout waiting for sudo password prompt… 1"and " timeout waiting for sudo password prompt… 2"

2.Flash tegra B.[4.563091] pcleport 0000:00:01.0 ARE: Mutipe corrected error received: id=0020

3.the Drive PX2 screen turned black (No Signal)

Hello xiongshuo,

Did you connect USB cable between DPX2 and HOST PC?
And please see DPX2 getting started doc in Thanks.

Thank your reply.
Yes,I did it.It need membership required. I have submitted the application. Why haven’t I agreed to join ?