Driver recovery after pointer errors Possible to reset / reload the driver?

I’m using Vista 64, but I think this problem may affect other developers as well. I’ve noticed that after a bad memory access in the device memory space, my screen tends to get a lot of random snow that won’t go away unless I reboot.

Is it possible to reload the driver or force Windows Vista to use a more generic video adapter driver that won’t cause this to happen? It looks like the device doesn’t offer memory protection, and so it’s possible for a CUDA application to scribble onto memory areas that are in use by the display driver. While this could have potential benefits, for now it’s a major pitfall to dereference the wrong pointer and end up corrupting your display device.

Can someone from NVidia confirm this or provide a workaround?

In Linux, running any openGL app after writing past the end of a pointer will hard crash the system. Reloading the driver in linux doesn’t help, I’ve always had to reboot my system to clear the damaged memory areas. I’ve yet to run a buggy code on my new Vista install so I’m not sure what happens there.