Driver run too slow ! Even slower than virtual machine!!!

Hi everyone!

I’m really disappointed with NVIDIA driver! It run very SLOW :( !!!

I have an image processing program, the part of calculation is running on GPU! After that, the program will copy data back to host memory and use BitBlt to display image on screen! The problem is the BitBlt function! It run very slow!!!

I’ve tested BitBlt on some PCs, and here are the results: (Using 800x600 BMP)

  • CPU 1.86 dual-core, GPU 9300M GS : 400 fps
  • Virual PC run by machine above : 780 fps
  • CPU 2.8 prescott, GPU ATI RADEON 9600 PRO : 1384 fps

The BitBlt function can affect the speed of whole program! Using CUDA can increase speed but it’s still slow!

can anyone tell me why the virtual machine could have the speed nearly 2 times faster than the real machine ???

I know this is CUDA forum, but i dont know where to post questions about things like this… !

(Dont tell me use OpenGL, only mapping function could decrease the speed of my program to 115 fps without any calculation and blitting :( )


I would guess a GDI forum would be appropriate…

(P.S. are you using windows 2003? and why do you need to show images at 700 fps? composite without gdi and use gdi only at the end.)

Thank for your reply, but i think this is not GDI problem…! BitBlt is a function of GDI, but the performance of BitBlt is depend on driver!

I’ve searched throught the web about BitBlt and driver… alway see this : “Nvidia drivers are still slow”,“New nvidia drivers slow 2D down”,“Nvidia Driver causes system slow down”,“too slow on Nvidia Driver”,… :( (sad…)

I’m using windows vista x64! I do not need to run my program at 700 fps… it was just a test! As you can see, i’m using BitBlt at the end, so the speed of BitBlt is really important!

One more, i’ve tested with new machine :

  • CPU : Dual core 2.0 Ghz
  • VGA onboard (using ntel chipset)
  • DDR 1Gb, 533
    -> speed = 800 fps

If you tried version 2.0 beta, you would see that some examples of beta version run more faster than current version…!

I see no improvement with new drivers of NVIDIA recently :( !!!