Driver won't compile on linux-zen-git kernel

I have compiled with the default Arch config for the Zen kernel, and it still will fail at building. Here is a thread with all the details.

What makes you think, nvidia does support unreleased kernel versions?

The Zen kernel doesn’t have a 4.11 branch, only 4.10. Zen follows the latest stable kernel release. Do you know how the zen release system works or even use the zen kernel?

The moment you apply any patch against upstream kernel, nvidia stops giving a fuck.
By the way, the moment you insert nvidia module into kernel, kernel developers stop giving a fuck.

If your distro of choice values certain unofficial kernel branch enough, they will maintain it and fix any problems that arise as needed, but you can’t reasonably expect them to support every obscure kernel patchset there is. Expecting anything else than mainline support sounds unreasonable at the very least.

Arch does have the zen kernel in the official repository. What’s odd is (you might know this if you read the Arch forum about this issue) the zen kernel in the official repository compiles successfully with the Nvidia driver. It’s only when I compile my own kernel that it gives those errors. I compile using the .config file that’s used for the zen package in the Arch repository, so I can’t put together why it won’t compile when I build it myself.

Zen isn’t obscure. It’s a very popular alternative kernel, like -ck. Also, the -ck patchset isn’t obscure either.

Nvidia doesn’t.

It’s not odd, zen nor ck kernel doesn’t mess with drm subsystem, so it’s generally work most of the time.

Supporting any user who sets out to compile his/hers own kernel with unknown patches off the internet is unreasonable.

Yes it is, but that isn’t the point, the point is that supporting every random configuration that people have on their boxes is impossible. You broke it, you fix it.

You could try the “nvidia-dkms” package from the normal Arch repos instead of that “nvidia-full-beta-all” from the AUR.

This is extremely vague. Of course NVIDIA doesn’t have a repository in Arch. Do you know any distrobutions where NVIDIA his its own repository for that specific distrobution?

No, it is odd. If the “nvidia-full-beta-all” package will compile against the zen kernel in the official Arch repositories, then it should most definitely compile again the “linux-zen-git” package.

I’m not using any unknown patches.

No, zen and the -ck patchset are not obscure. They would be obscure only to someone whos new and doesn’t know about Linux. But that isn’t the point. I didn’t brake anything, there is something wrong with either the package or the driver since it compiles successfully on the official Zen kernel. Since it compiles against that kernel, its not an issue on my end.

If you even bothered to read anything from the links I posted, you would know I even compiled the kernel with the default .config file thats used for the Zen kernel in the Arch repository without changing any options, and it still didn’t compile.

I will try this once NVIDIA releases the new Linux driver. I’m surprised they haven’t released a new driver yet, considering that 1.19.3 has been released and the video ABI has been bumped up when they released 1.19.2, which fixes some security bugs.

The driver will not install the kernel module even when trying out the “nvidia-dkms” package. This makes no sense. Using the config that the official zen package uses, there is literally no difference.