Drivers are not present in additional drivers tab

I’m facing an issue that, there were no additional drivers available in software & updates tab, how to get additional drivers
Could anyone tell me how can i install all the supported drivers
Attaching image for your reference

Drive OS - 6.0.6
Ubuntu version - 20.04.6

Dear @sudhirkumar.avv,
Did you run sudo apt-get update? May I know what you want to install?

  1. yes i have run sudo apt-get update. pls check the below image

  2. After running ‘nvidia-smi’. I’m getting below error mentioned in image

  3. After opening additional drivers tab, there are no drivers present in it as mentioned in below image

Now i want to install the suitable driver for Drive OS - 6.0.6, Ubuntu version - 20.04.6

Could you pls guide me how to get and install the drivers

Dear @sudhirkumar.avv
nvidia-smi is not available on DRIVEOS target. From logs, It appears that you are asking about Ubuntu host and not target.

Are you looking to install NVIDIA drivers? If so, Do you plan to run any DW/CUDA/TRT sample on host? May I know which GPU is available on host?

If you are just looking to develop the application in host and cross compile to run on target, then you can use DRIVE OS cross compiling toolchain for. You may also use DRIVE OS docker container for application development and flashing target. Using docker avoids all issues related to host environment.
If you plan to docker, please check Install DRIVE OS for NVIDIA Developer Users | NVIDIA Docs