drivers for CUDA

hi cuda gurus,

i want to install/run CUDA on a system with multiple GTX 295 cards. in order to get the system to work with Win 7, i’ve upgraded to the 195.62 driver; after innumerable reboots, i now see all 6 GPU’s, at least in the Device Manager. the CUDA release, though, includes the 190.38 driver. so – will CUDA work with 195.62? will the installation process try to change the drivers back to 190.38 [which might compromise the recognition of all 6 GPU’s]?

thanks in advance.


Stream and CUDA are likely to go the way of the dodo soon though. OpenCL’s where its at. Unfortunately its a tad hard to get programming with it right now since you need to be a registered developer on nVidia’s Early Access Program or you have to be a registered developer with Apple’s developer program with access to pre-release copies of Snow Leopard.
Virtually no one will bother using CUDA or Steam after OpenCL’s out - why limit yourself to one hardware base after all? It’d be like writing Windows software
that only ran on AMD processors and not Intel. Developers will not bother writing for both when they can just use one language that can run on both hardware platforms.