Drivers lost once instance is restarted

I have been facing no problems when I create the instance for the first time and start a container and work on it.
But, when the same instance is restarted, the drivers are not getting installed and hence I cannot create a new container. I cannot even restart the old container.

Is there a solution for this?

This appears to be related to a known issue with GCP instances taking longer than expected to fully launch. Please see the Google Cloud note here: . You may be connecting to the re-started instance before it is completely ready to go. We were able to replicate your problem if we quickly stopped, restarted and logged into an instance. To address that race condition, we are adding some additional logic into the next drop of our Launcher image. In the interim, you will need to wait longer after you restart an instance before connecting to it or will need to reinstall the NVIDIA drivers that you can download here -