Drivers updating - CUDA version

Will updating the drivers via GEFORCE EXPIREINECE will change/ upgrade CUDA version as well ?.
I have installed CUDA 11.0 for GPU, if I would upgrade drivers, will that also upgrade my CUDA ?.

Hi, this is the Virtual GPU category.

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There is not “the CUDA”. CUDA is a collection of layered software components. The lowest layer component is the CUDA driver, which is part of NVIDIA driver packages. The CUDA driver includes a JIT compiler for PTX (an intermediate code representation used by CUDA apps).

By installing a new NVIDIA driver package, you will also install an updated CUDA driver. This is a common and generally uncritical update. The design of the CUDA software layers is such that newer drivers generally support older CUDA components above it, in particular the CUDA runtime.

The main risks are: (1) You are running with outdated hardware for which support is being removed with the new driver (2) Your CUDA apps uses JIT compilation and there is a bug in the new JIT compiler inside the CUDA driver. However, generally speaking, compiler bugs are rare (3) Your CUDA accelerated app interfaces doesn’t use the CUDA runtime but interfaces directly with the CUDA driver, and an driver API bug is introduced with the new driver.

I have used CUDA for over a dozen years, and have not encountered any major issues from installing new driver packages. However, since every change to a working system involves risk, I don’t install new driver packages often, maybe once or twice a year.