DriveWorks-1.2 - Stereo USB camera class and Multi GPU class


We upgraded to DriveWorks-1.2 from DriveWorks-0.6 on Ubuntu 16.04 (Host) and Drive PX 2 (Targget). We observed that stereo usb camera (class StereoCameraUSBApp) “camera” class folder is not there at “/usr/local/driveworks-1.2/samples/src/stereo/” and multi GPU (class DriveNetMultiGPUApp) “drivenet_multiGPU” class folder is not there at “/usr/local/driveworks-1.2/samples/src/drivenet/” in DriveWorks-1.2, which were there previously in DriveWorks-0.6.

Are you merged these classes into some other folders/classes?


Dear n.kemsaram,
My apologies for late response. The sample_drivenet_multigpu, sample_stereo_camera_usb are deprecated in DW 1.2 release.