Driveworks 5.4 sample_camera app fails with error failed to read eeprom data from sensor


I have trying to use driveworks 5.4 sample_camera app on Drive ORIN platform with SDK version 6.0.3. My camera module does not have any eeprom and it streams well with nvsipl_camera application. But when I try to run it with sample_camera app of Driveworks SDK then I see the following error

[20-09-2022 09:09:18] SIPLClient: ImageQueue timeout
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] SIPLNotifier: Event notification queue timeout
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] CameraMaster: Bootstrap NvSIPL and ClientPipelines complete
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] CameraMaster: bootstrap complete
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] CameraMaster: starting…
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] CameraClient: allocating image pool for ICP
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] Allocating NvSci group
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] Registering imagegroups for pipeline 0 NO COOKIES
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] CameraClient: readEEPROM, failed to read param 0 from EEPROM. Status = 2
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] CameraClient::copyEEPROM: failed to read eeprom data from sensor. (DW_NVMEDIA_ERROR)
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘dw::core::Exception’
what(): DW_INTERNAL_ERROR: CameraMaster: Failed to Start master! SIPLStatus: 9 SIPL errror code = 9

Is it required to have EEPROM for driveworks application to work? Please note that in the driver query files I dont have any node for EEPROM and it works well with nvsipl_camera application. How can I pass/disbale this eeprom read?


Dear @ashutosh.gupta,
DRIVE OS 6.0.3 release is not supported via forum. Please contact your NVIDIA representative for support on this issue.

Hi Siva,

By anyway, is it possible to ignore the EEPROM read? As in camera query file EEPROM is not provided and normal nvsipl_camera works. Only with video recorder app it doesn’t work and try to read EEPROM and fails.


@ashutosh.gupta @mayur.verma
It seems that you’re working on drivers of a custom camera module that isn’t supported via the forum.
So we would suggest you contact your nvidia rep and figure out where to get the support.

BTW, for this issue, you may try skip-eeprom parameter mentioned in GMSL Cameras (camera.gmsl) but you better get the advice from the right support channel.