Driveworks 5.4 sample_camera app fails with error failed to read eeprom data from sensor


I have trying to use driveworks 5.4 sample_camera app on Drive ORIN platform with SDK version 6.0.3. My camera module does not have any eeprom and it streams well with nvsipl_camera application. But when I try to run it with sample_camera app of Driveworks SDK then I see the following error

[20-09-2022 09:09:18] SIPLClient: ImageQueue timeout
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] SIPLNotifier: Event notification queue timeout
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] CameraMaster: Bootstrap NvSIPL and ClientPipelines complete
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] CameraMaster: bootstrap complete
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] CameraMaster: starting…
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] CameraClient: allocating image pool for ICP
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] Allocating NvSci group
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] Registering imagegroups for pipeline 0 NO COOKIES
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] CameraClient: readEEPROM, failed to read param 0 from EEPROM. Status = 2
[20-09-2022 09:09:18] CameraClient::copyEEPROM: failed to read eeprom data from sensor. (DW_NVMEDIA_ERROR)
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘dw::core::Exception’
what(): DW_INTERNAL_ERROR: CameraMaster: Failed to Start master! SIPLStatus: 9 SIPL errror code = 9

Is it required to have EEPROM for driveworks application to work? Please note that in the driver query files I dont have any node for EEPROM and it works well with nvsipl_camera application. How can I pass/disbale this eeprom read?


Dear @ashutosh.gupta,
DRIVE OS 6.0.3 release is not supported via forum. Please contact your NVIDIA representative for support on this issue.