DriveWorks :: Creating Application pipeline using Graph

Dear Team,

I am new to drive-works, so I have a few queries below:

  1. Is drive-works similar to OpenVX framework w.r.t Application pipeline development?
  2. How to create the basic skeleton of the Application pipeline using a graph?
  3. How to build the Visionworks-based application for QNX?

Kindly help me to understand and please share the documents which can help me to proceed with my development with drive-works.

Thanks and Regards,
Vyom Mishra

Dear @vyom.mishra1,
Could you please confirm if you have DRIVE AGX Xavier platform or DRIVE AGX Orin platform?

  1. Please check DriveWorks SDK | NVIDIA Developer to get overview of what is offered in Driveworks sdk. You can find complete drive documentation at NVIDIA DRIVE Documentation | NVIDIA Developer

  2. If you are enquiring about our compute graph framework, you can find it at Compute Graph Framework SDK Reference: Compute Graph Framework SDK Reference. Note it is available only on DRIVE AGX Orin platform with DRIVE OS 6.4.0

  3. DRIVE OS does not include visionworks

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the reply.
We have the DRIVE AGX Orin platform and working with Drive OS 6.0.3, please confirm if we can use Graph based Framework for developing the Application pipeline with Drive OS 6.0.3.

Thanks and Regards,
Vyom Mishra

Dear @vyom.mishra1,
The forum is intended to support DRIVE releases on DevZone.
Please reach out to your other support channels for further support on DRIVE OS 6.3.0.
Yes, you can use DRIVE OS 6.3.0 for your CGF application development.

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