Driveworks SDK for TX2

Does anyone know whether or not pieces of the Driveworks SDK for the NVIDIA Drive/PX2 platform is or can be compatible with the TX2 and how to get ahold of it?

We have a project which will be doing exactly what the Driveworks SDK is for (sensor fusion and localization) and I was curious if we could leverage firmware that NVIDIA is already supplying for another NVIDIA platform. I understand it would not be optimized for the TX2, but it would be a spectacular reference that could be ported.

Hi ben.lemond, Driveworks isn’t available for Jetson, it is only supported on NVIDIA DRIVE platforms.

Hi dusy_nv,

Are there no components of Driveworks that are cross-platform? Does the sdk cost $ or require membership to something else to download? Worst case is we could reuse some functionality for the new platform.

If not, do you recommend any other SDKs (perhaps that NVIDIA has) that handle sensor fusion and localization?

There aren’t components of Driveworks available for Jetson, among other things like OS support, the computing resources are different. Apply for the DRIVE developer program here:

NVIDIA Isaac for robotics is currently under development, see here:

In the meantime, ROS includes various solutions for localization and SLAM that folks have run on Jetson.