Driveworks shared library for DRIVE PX2 to use with ROS to build code directly in DRIVE PX2

Hello everyone,
I am working with DRIVE PX2 platform using ROS. I understood that, sample code provided with Driveworks are impossible to build directly to DRIVE PX2, but we can build in host machine using cross compiler and target to DRIVE PX2.
But It is very difficult to build some modified code(Driveworks sample code) or custom ROS module in host machine using cross compiler and target to DRIVE PX2. Also, I tried to build ROS code directly to DRIVE PX2 and sample Driveworks code using cross compiler to target DRIVE PX2 but failed.
So I am really interested in build Driveworks API as shared library to use in DRIVE PX2 using cross compiler and build our own ROS custom modules directly in DRIVE PX2 along with Driveworks shared library. I really appreciate, if anyone can give some suggestions regarding to this.

Dear stillrunningf77hc,

Thank you for contacting us on this topic.

It looks like that you had some difficulty with cross-compilation of some custom modules, so is now trying to use native compilation on the target in addition to cross-compilation.

However I think there’s no problem with cross-compilation once the env is set up as per the steps.

If you’re still facing an issue with cross-compilation after setting up the env properly, please let us know more detail on the issue & we can try to help. Thanks.