Driveworks v0.2.0 Ubuntu 14.04 Linux host

Hi NVIDIA experts,

I had driveworks 0.1.2 running on my Linux PC with Ubuntu 14.04.

Is there a driveworks 0.2.0 package available for Linux PC with Ubuntu 14.04 as well? If not do you know by when it would be released?

So far I could only find the distribution for a DrivePX2 platform.

thanks for your support!


my fault I missed this package: driveworks-v0.2.0-linux-amd64-ubuntu1404.deb

For those who had the same issue please find it under:

sorry for the confusion!


Can driveworks on nvidia Tegra Tk1 platform? I could find only things related to DrivePX2 platform.

Hello, I am also looking for Driveworks 0.2.0 package for linux PC.

I have downloads for 0.1.2 Driveworks but not 0.2.0.

And it seems I do not have an account for, is that a separate program from the Driveworks Developer program?

Hello AnitaFathepur,
I’m not sure becaust DriveWorks SDK is for Autonmous Driving SW development Kit on DrivePX platform.

Hello MatthewLinder,
To access and have an account for, could you please contact your local NVIDIA contact point? Thanks.

Thanks mania91,

I shall do that. But just to be clear, to get Driveworks 0.2.0 I need to get access to partners.nvidia? opposed to the driveworks developer program I am enrolled in? thanks

I have the same question as Matthew.

The DriveWorks Developer Program (accessible at ) only provides downloads for DriveWorks 0.1.2

Those who have access via this developer program do not have a local NVIDIA contact point or any documented way to obtain one except for the “Contact Us” form at which no one appears to be reading/responding to.

Those that need latest version of DriveWorks need to get PX2.
Could you please contact us through drivepxinfo DL. Thanks.

Thank you for the info mania91. Just to clarify, though:

I see there is a package for PC, not Drive PX 2 - driveworks-v0.2.0-linux-amd64-ubuntu1404.deb,

Are you saying that the only way to get this PC package, is to get a drive PX 2?

or you only give out this package to your DrivePX2 customers?

Again, I am looking for the PC installer that is called this: driveworks-v0.2.0-linux-amd64-ubuntu1404.deb, and just to be clear the only way to obtain this is to become a Drive PX2 customer?

If you clarify this, it will be the last time I ask.


Hello MattewLinder,
Could you please contact us @ infodrivepx at NVidia dot com?
The team will reply to your question. Thanks.