Driving jebot in the warehouse which I created will shake up and down

I create a warehouse environment myself and import jebot, it will shake when driving it, and it will not turn right or turn left.Can you help me?

Similar to what this video looks like

It seems that you are in path tracing mode!

Yes!I am in path tracing mode.But when i change to real-time mode ,there the same problem.

if by shaking up and down you mean the bumps in the robot, that’s likely because the wheels colisions are set to convex hull or convex decomposition. It is recommended that you use a proxy cylinder prim and set the collision to that instead. It will use a mathematical definition of a cylinder and therefore be a smooth wheel shape. (See how the bundled jetbot, carter, etc define their collision shapes for reference)

You can verify the wheel collision shape by clicking on the eye icon on the upper left, then display by type , physics, collision. a pink outline will show on the objects, with the actual collision shape.

My problem has been solved, thank you for your answer! The workaround is to update Isaac sim 2021.1 to 2022.1.0

I don’t know why this happens.

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