DRM drmModeSetCrtcdrmModeSetCrtc Function

Hi guys,
why drmModeSetCrtcdrmModeSetCrtc x and y argument in Jetson DRM doesn’t affect ? drmModeSetCrtcdrmModeSetCrtc works properly but I need to change x and y to for draw frames on middle of screen but it doesn’t work?
Thanks so much

We support the options in 08 sample:

                -ww <width>          Video width in pixels [Default = video-width]
                -wh <height>         Video height in pixels [Default = video-height]
                -wx <x-offset>       Video horizontal offset [Default = 0]
                -wy <y-offset>       Video vertical offset [Default = 0]


The options are tested and shall work fine. Please give it a try.

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