DRM dual HDMI output render or x11 dual HDMI output

Hi support team,
Our platform base on tx2 with dual HDMI output and set resolution both 1024x768@60fps. We use xrandr set to HDMI0 left of HDMI1. ubuntu desktop display well.
Our application is base on tegra_multimedia_ap sample 12. We create two renderer,renderer0 and renderer1 with this codePreformatted textNvEglRenderer::createEglRenderer(“renderer0”,
1024, 768, 1025, 0); NvEglRenderer::createEglRenderer(“renderer1”,
1024, 768, 0, 0);Preformatted text
Our app capture two videos(video0 and video1) and display to renderer0 and renderer1. This fuction is good.But when we add gl text to both renderer.Both of renderer just 7 ~10 fps,if exce jetson_clocks.sh, alomost 20fps. Our camera is 30fps HDMI is 60fps.We also change xorg.conf enable tribuf and “ForceCompositionPipeline” I doubt it xwindow cause frame rate drop.
So I want use drm + gl to renderer two video to different HDMI. I noticed 08_video_dec_drm renderer 264 video to HDMI0 output but how to render video to another HDMI1?
Does drm + gl performance better than xwindow + gl ?

anyone can help?


IMO, drm will have better performance.

And drm is a public API, please read how DrmRenderer is working from below code.


If you don’t know those terms in DRM, please read some tutorials over the Internet.

The “connector” is what you are looking for.