DRM/KMS support in l4t-r24-2.1


Is DRM/KMS supported in l4t-r24-2.1? If DRM/KMS is supported in l4t-r24-2.1, how can it be tested on NVIDIA TX1 EVM?
If not, is there a plan to add support for DRM/KMS in the future L4T releases? When can we expect a updated L4T with DRM/KMS support?


Hi MallyaPrasad,

DRM is supported in l4t-r24.2.1. Please check /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu to see if there is libdrm or not.

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the response.

Can you please share the wiki page or forum link which mentions the procedure and commands to test DRM support in l4t-r24.2.1?

Also, is the DRM driver present in the l4t-r24.2.1?


Hi MallyaPrasad,

In fact, as you can see in /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/. that drm is for tegra and we have not release any document for it. As a result, it may not what you expect.

Hi Wayne,

We understand that l4t-r24-2.1 has the DRM libraries (at /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu) and the driver source code (at drivers/gpu/host1x/drm/ and drivers/gpu/drm/).

  1. In the config file (after building the source code) the following features are not enabled.
    which means that the DRM support is not enabled in the default l4t-r24-2.1 package.
    Is our understanding correct?
  2. Since the library and drivers are present in the source code, we believe NVIDIA has tested DRM support with this package (l4t-r24-2.1). Is this correct?
  3. If yes, how have you validated the DRM support in the l4t-r24-2.1 package? Which is the application used for validating DRM support.?
  4. If the DRM support is not validated in l4t-r24-2.1, which is the latest release on which it has been officially validated completely.

Please answer all the above queries point by point. This information is vital for our future developments on TX1. Thanks in advance.


Hi Prasad,

Sorry for the late reply. For your question 1 and 2, what you point out is not working on TX1 anymore. I think it is a legacy code.

As for question 3 and 4, I still don’t have enough information. What I know is that there should be a new multimedia sample using libdrm in next release.

Hi WayneWWW,

I see that the latest L4T R28.1 supports Tegra DRM. Is there a demo application I can use to test DRM?

Please check the mmapi samples. There is a new sample that is implemented by this Tegra DRM.

Thanks WayneWWW