Drones which are able to lift Xavier kits and fly for 30 mins at least


Me and my team members are working on a project which would use autonomous drones to survey agricultural land. We are looking for drones which can use the Xavier kit easily. What I mean by this is that the drone should fly for at least 30 minutes with Xavier’s 630g weight in addition to weight of other components. Any suggestions of drones would be appreciated,

thank you

Hi hmh, it sounds like you are looking for a programmable inspection drone with extendable flight time - will let the community respond with any recommendations or experience they may have, but have you seen the DJI Matrice series?


I am an owner of the Matrice 100. I can confirm that the Matrice 100 can carry the 630g weight of the Xavier. The challenge is I am trying to figure out how to mount the Xavier on top of the Matrice 100.