Drop-frame-interval issues on Nano even after the applied patch?


So I’m posting again on this topic which has been causing a lot of issues, so far the links and resources that I’ve already gone through, will link it up here.



I’ve made the patch and replaced the “.so” file, but it never fixed the problem on rtsp stream, although it seemed to fix something on the video stream.

Along with it there are other issues that came up, unable to shut the process because Deepstream’s close buttons and all other title menu buttons disappear after adding drop frame interval param and the only option is to cut the source or stop the process from ssh into the nano.

Although the drop-frame-interval worked fine on recorded video, on rtsp stream it was causing issues, and frames were being dropped on all sources.

And there were the problem of the detections also on the rtsp stream they are not as smooth as you’d expect them to be but on a recorded video it works well.

Another issue which we observed with on rtsp stream was that they were running at a very low fps compared to a recorded video which I did not understand why. For eg with the same config on h264 stream it was around 10-14 fps but on rtsp it barely goes above 5. And as mentioned for some reason frames were being dropped on all sources but this was not happening on the h264 stream. Could you please verify if this issue exists?

Is there anything that could be done?

Please share a patch and command so that we can reproduce the issue. We will check if we can support this usecase in future releases.

@DaneLLL, I am currently using the patch you had shared earlier for drop-frame-interval. And the same deepstream-test3-app modifications as I had shared earlier. I’ll link up both the things here,

Modified deepstream-test3-app,


Gave the input as rtsp streams.


Could you share what difference there is between deepstream-app and deepstream-test3 app in terms of configuring the drop-frame interval parameter. For some reason controlling variable frame rate using drop-frame-interval on deepstream-app seems to work seemlessly compared to deepstream-test3 app both on Video and RTSP sources. Any idea on this?

Please set ‘live-source=1’ in nvstreammux and try again. For RTSP source, it should be set.

g_object_set (G_OBJECT (streammux), "width", MUXER_OUTPUT_WIDTH, "height",
      MUXER_OUTPUT_HEIGHT, "batch-size", num_sources,
      "batched-push-timeout", MUXER_BATCH_TIMEOUT_USEC, <b>"live-source", 1,</b> NULL);


gave that a try didn’t seem to fix anything.

Please share the config file for deepstream-app. We will compare the behavior between deepstream-app and deepstream-test3. See if we can reproduce your observation.

Hi beefshepherd,

Any update? Or please share the config file for deepstream-app, then we check see if we can reproduce your observation.