Drriver connection for RGMII

Hello. In my custom board i use RGMII interface. I read

But I don’t understand how to integrate the device driver. Let’s say I will use Let’s say I use KSZ9131 PHY, I will make all the changes that are described in Jetson Module Adaptation And Bring Up, But then how do I connect the driver?

Previously, I could always use the solutions of the example, and I did not have to deal with drivers, their integration, so I do not have such experience.

There are already a bunch of drivers installed in the kernel and mdio will search if the compatible driver exist in this path or not.

For example, check “/sys/bus/mdio_bus# ls -a drivers”, it will tell you what drivers are already installed on this jetson.

And mdio will search the PHY id to tell which driver will be loaded to use.

For example, on Orin AGX devkit, this node will tell you which PHY driver is in use.

/sys/bus/mdio_bus/devices/6810000.ethernet:00# ls -al driver
driver → ‘…/…/…/…/…/…/bus/mdio_bus/drivers/Aquantia AQR113C’

This PHY driver is in source code path kernel/kernel-5.10/drivers/net/phy/ and Aquantia driver registers it by following mdio bus driver register.

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