DRV out of buffer /missed images with IDS camera

I use a Jetson, with a camera from IDS. Please find my installation below (Figure 0):

  • POE injector
  • Monchromatic camera 4k
  • Jetson nano

- Figure 0 -

The camera manufacturer provides the driver IDS Software for Linux Embedded.pdf (2.2 MB) to manage the camera that I have installed on the machine without any error : There are two tools available: ueye manager, & ueye demo.

Thanks to ueye manager, I configured a fixed IP to the camera (Figure 1), and thanks to ueye demo, I display the video stream (Figure 2).

Once that is described here is the problem I am having : The video is laggy like we are in low fps. Also, the user interface says that we have 2 errors (Figure 2) :

  • missed images ( according to the user manual, this error refers to : The GigE uEye camera could neither process nor output an image captured by the sensor)
  • and “DRV out of buffer” ( according to the user manual, this error refers to : No free internal image memory is available to the driver. The image was discarted.)

Please find additional information in Figure 3 ( vpn stat), and Figure 4 ( Jtop information).
Any help is welcome and I will be grateful to you ! :)

- Figure 1 - IDS manager -

- Figure 2 - Errors -

- Figure 3 - vpn stats results

- Figure 4 - jtop results

Does this device been reference on any others none Jetson platform?

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I think, no but @svetlana.podvalniuk has already used an IDS camera.

Hello Ellay, did you resolve the error that you have for ‘over current’? You might be using a power injector that is outputting too much current to the camera. You should not have that error message, normally I believe the camera has an overprotector but just curious what are the specs of the injector.

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Jetson is powered by usb c from a PC ( I need to buy a power supply of 5V,4A). I think It’s not related to camera because I have this message without plugging anything else into the jetson.

Maybe I need to increase the buffer size ? The trouble comes when I exceed 100% of max number image buffers

Hello @Ellay !
I am having the same problem.
Were you able to increase the buffer size? And if yes, could you please help me and tell me how you did it? Thanks!