DSC pass-through and other issues

I’m working on bringing up a dual-display 2448x2448x90Hz VR system with the Synaptics VXR7200 DP-to-MIPI bridge.

My current problem is that there’s apparently a mismatch between the PPS used by the GPU and by the displays. The bridge is operating in DSC passthrough mode, but it doesn’t seem like that’s working properly.

How do I debug this?

Hello @KaneTW2 and welcoem to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Can you specify the apparent mismatch in a bit more detail? For example do you get no signal, only a distorted signal, wrong refresh rate, etc.?
And can you tell us a bit more about the System environment, like which GPU you use, what kind of desktop or server setup, operating system, what application SW is driving the VR output etc.


Here’s the symptoms I’m experiencing, depending on various factors that I’m not fully sure:

Variant 1:

  • The VXR7200 deframer correctly detects the frame size. In this case, the VXR7200 sends the correct timings over MIPI and the output image is 4 clearly visible slices (as configured on the display) with distorted data.
    Variant 2:
  • The VXR7200 deframer fails to detect the frame size. In this case the hactive is something like 1024 or 10368 and the image is completely distorted.

I can provide some pictures , but I can’t share any super detailed info in public due to NDA with Synaptics.

Oh, the GPU is a RTX A6000 running Windows 10. No particular application, just desktop out.

Thanks for the info!

I already reached out to our experts and see if we can help you with this.