Dsexample problem with test5

i am working on jetson nx with jetpack 4.6 and deepstream6.0.
after i custom test5 app it runs well, but when i add dsexample to save images, it shows errors like below pictures:
and my config setup is:


after i setup nvbuf memory in dsexample and test5 is runs smoothly right now.
i would like to ask what means unique-id? is it class id from models?
how can i get images which i want classes?
should i have modify dsexsample plugin and sudo make again?


Yes, you can filter obj based on class id.

i checked dsexample and python-imagedata-multistreams.py codes,
i think both them are same logic.
so if i work on test5 to take images, dsexample is the best choice, right?

thank you

i think dsexample is a lib which can use directly.
after i enable it at test5 ctx file, it hung there when runs sample and no images to take.
what’s this problem? should i modify deepstream-app to run dsexample?

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