DSI LCD Panel on TX2

Hi all,

I am working on DSI LCD bringup on a custom carrier board. And I have a very weird situation now.

After modified the panel-s-wuxge-8-0.dtsi, tegra186-quill-p3489-0888-a00-00-base.dts and panel-s-wuxga-8-0.c, I got half of the panel showing correct content:

But the backlight is not working, the backlight in the picture above is from a dc input.

Using “dmesg”, I found there is an error: display reset gpio invalid. Because we don’t design a reset gpio for LCD panel, I commented relevant code in the driver. Backlight from TX2 is working after changes in driver, but nothing is shown on the panel.

Does anyone have advise for such situation?

Thanks in advance.

Are you sure it is just backlight not working or you wrote the wrong data lane number in your device tree?

How do you tell this is just backlight problme?

Thanks for your reply.

I thought it was backlight because we have a Header on the LCD board, I can choose to have input from LCD_BL_EN on TX2 or a +3V3. In the picture that half of the LCD is showing somthing, the backlight is from +3V3. When switching to LCD_BL_EN, there is no backlight.

When I fixed the reset gpio error in driver, the backlight from TX2 is working, but nothing is shown.

I can’t tell it is just backlight problem, actually. The half working thing is confusing, too.