DSI to HDMI, need your help guys!

Hello Guys,

since a long time I see various posts about how to get a second video output on the TX1.
Also I am quite interested into this,but sadly there is no easy or known solution for me.

The main problem is, that we have only DSI or eDP to get the second video output.
In my research I found this chip


It seems like it is able to convert DSI to HDMI. I have two ideas in mind were I would need your help, since I have absolutely no clue on creating custom PCBs.

So I have two ideas in mind.

  1. Lets create a connector for J23 which exposes an HDMI connector through connecting the DSI lanes through the ADV7533.

  2. We have some vendors which are able to create a carrier board for the TX1. Could some of you integrate this into your custom carrier board for the TX1?

Feel free to keep this discussion alive or PM me.

I am willing to found your efforts in case you do it as a hobbyist. My founds are however limit as a private person but I think we should be able to negotiate something which makes both of us happy.

In case you are a custom carrier board vendor, I encourage you to do the effort. You will end up with a new product which you can sell and I and others will happly buy.

Sahin Vardar

Hi Sahin, here’s a link to a recent post regarding configuration of DSI port: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/920663/jetson-tx1/jetson-tx1-dsc-of-mipi-dsi-/post/4987098/#4987098

HI Sahin,

We can help with developing the driver for the ADV7533. Please contact us so we can get more details. I know auvidea create carrier boards that could help you with this as well,


Hi Sakir

I am wondering if you have found a solution for this! I am looking for a solution to use 2 displays for the TX1 board. Let me know if you have any leads.


Hello Sakir,

Any update to this?
We also need 2 HDMI-compatible LCD monitors for TX1/TX2 carrier board.
Auvidea seems to sell CSI-2 compatible adapters (for cameras?), but we need DSI to HDMI.

Let me know if you have any leads.

Thank you!