DSLR camera with Jetson TX2

Hi all,

i am currently working on a computer vision project powered by a Jetson TX2 that needs a really strong camera.
The system will be mounted on a moving vehicle (10km/h) and needs to generate really high definition images (>10/sec) at a distance between 0.5-2 meter. Therefore a high resolution (>10MP), an autofocus and global shutter would be needed.

Would it be possible to control one (or more) DSRL cameras with the Jetson TX2? Has anyone tried this successfully?

Current few sensor can support high frame rate with high resolution. And focuser is not support currently but you can check with camera partner like Appro if they can have your request.


As far as I know, current DSLR cameras in the market is not global shutter sensors.  According to your requirement.  I have below opinions.
  1. For distance 0.5~2m - we can use Serdes solution to solve the distance issue. The Serdes solution output interface is MIPI(to TX2).

  2. About the High resolution global shutter - we are camera partner of NVIDIA. We can support customized global shutter sensor design. If you have preferred sensor. We can help to review the specification if you can provide the model number.

  3. About the lens control - We also have experience to control vari-focal lens (Zoom/Focus/ND Shutter). If you need, feel free to let me know.