DT configuration for enabling SATA on UPHY10

On a custom AGX Xavier module based board, I’m trying to enable SATA on UPHY10 in kernel 5.10 (JetPack 5.0.2). I’ve added SATA into Linux kernel, changed ODMDATA to ODMDATA=0x8590000; in conf file according to Adaptation Guide (Bit 22 = 1) and enabled sata driver in DT as below:

ahci-sata@3507000 {
	status = "okay";

I’ve got error:

[    2.798729] tegra-ahci 3507000.ahci-sata: Adding to iommu group 0
[   10.552592] tegra-ahci 3507000.ahci-sata: failed to get pinctrl: -19

What else should I change to make sata working?
I had it working before in JetPack 4.6

UPHY10 is UFS… not SATA… There is no SATA controller on AGX Xavier…

According to Xavier SoC TRM there is a SATA controller built-in.

Sorry, no. This is not ever validated and we only supported the same configuration as the design guide mentioned…

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